Shoes2You's 2017 Promotional Video 

Our mission is to collect new and gently used shoes for the less fortunate and distribute them to those in need all over the world. Hundreds of millions of people around the world do not have any shoes and millions more struggle to have one pair of shoes as their own.

In several locations that Shoes2You provides shoes for, children need shoes to be able to go to school, it is required for the students to wear clothing and shoes in class. The problem is that a myriad amount of children miss the opportunity to receive an eduction because they do not own a pair of shoes to aid in their attendance of school. In many countries a family with several children might own only one or two pairs of shoes for the children to share. The students will have half days or go to school every other day to share the shoes with their siblings, for them to be able to go to school. Shoes2You has provided over four thousand pairs of shoes to children and adults all over the world.

​Our mission is to collect new and gently used shoes and funds from schools and businesses, and deliver them to those in need in underprivileged areas all over the world. We hope to provide shoes to the hundreds of millions of people without shoes all over the world. Shoes2You continues to identify opportunities to expand collection and distribution efforts for the underprivileged in our own backyard and all over the world.  

Shoes2You has impacted thousands of lives around the world. We have collected and distributed nearly 13,500 pairs of shoes since Shoes2You, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was created in March of 2014 by the founder Joseph Rubsamen. Since founding our organization, Shoes2You, we have provided shoes to the Education Rocks schools in Bali, Indonesia and Haiti; Agwanda Collins Orphanage in Kenya; Fun Limon Organization, Los Pipitos Clinic, and Women and Children’s Diabetic Center in Rivas, Nicaragua. In Florida, United States, Shoes2You has provided shoes to help the community to have proper foot care to the Paul's Place after school program in Delray Beach; the Health Departments of Palm Beach County; the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County; and the Achievement Center of Delray Beach. We have chosen these locations because they are places that the shoes will have or have had a direct impact within the community of the country or community.

We are making connections with new organizations and distribution locations of shoes to those in need around the world. We hope to provide even more opportunities for people working and being educated around the world. We have already provided shoes for hundreds of students in Nicaragua, Haiti, Kenya, and Indonesia to be educated, because they cannot pursue an education without the proper footcare in which we provide. Shoes2You has also created opportunities for hundreds of men and women to find a job and be able to work there because they now have shoes. 

It is quite the rewarding experience to meet the children and adults that we distribute the shoes to and create an impact in their lives that will last a lifetime. Shoes2You has helped so many people and we continue to help more every day. 

The Lives We Impact

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Shoes2You is certified  by the state of Florida as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Our Goals

Our Mission and Goals

  • Collecting  shoes at schools, small businesses, and large corporations
  • Offset the cost of transportation of shoes to Education Rocks schools in Bali, Indonesia and regions of Nicaragua
  • Fundraising to offset tranportation and storage costs for shoes
  • Spreading our shoe donating to other countries and regions in the United States
  • ​Create more collections and a wider spread collection and distribution base for shoes

Shoes2You's 2016 Promotional Video ​