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Shoes2You is certified  by the state of Florida as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

About the Founder

Shoes2You was founded by Joseph Rubsamen in March of 2014. Joseph had the vision to first create Shoes2You in the summer of 2007 when he had first visited Nicaragua and seen the extreme poverty of a "Third World Country." Joseph was astonished that it was a rare siting to see a citizen of Nicaragua with a pair of shoes. The roads were unpaved and covered in dust, trash, sharp rocks, and other hazardous materials. Joseph said, "One day I am going to help these people and bring them shoes." Joseph wanted to make a difference in the world. He returned to Nicaragua in the summer of 2012 and encountering this site once again, he went to work and created Shoes2You, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Shoes2You vows to help people across the world obtain shoes to be able to attend school and receive an education, work, and walk on the streets without harming their bare feet. Many people without shoes, get infections on their feet, which with a limited supply of medication, must be amputated or have surgery to fix the problem in many regions in the world. This can be very unfortunate for the people in your backyard and around the world that are not able to pursue their dreams because the only thing stopping them is the lack of shoes. Joseph is now distributing shoes to regions of Nicaragua; the Education Rocks schools in Bali, Indonesia; and in Florida, United States of America. 
Shoes2You, Inc. was developed by Joseph Rubsamen in March of 2014 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Joseph started Shoes2You after he was inspired to help those living in poverty without shoes and wanted to make a difference. He has provided shoes to thousands of people around the world, since 2014. All funds and useable shoes provided to Shoes2You directly benefit the needy around the world.

Joseph Rubsamen, of Shoes2You, has donated shoes to the "Education Rocks" schools in Bali, Indonesia; Pauls Place in Delray Beach, Florida; the Palm Beach County Health Departments; Kenya, Africa; and Los Pipitos clinic and the Women and Childrens' Diabetic Center in Rivas, Nicaragua. 

The shoes provided to the "Education Rocks" schools in Bali, Indonesia helps the children in the Education Rocks program in Bali be able to attend school. Shoes2You has distributed shoes to the Health Departments in Palm Beach County to help provide shoes for students to attend school, because they cannot attend school without shoes. The shoes also allow adults in Palm Beach County have a job because they now have shoes from Shoes2You. The Palm Beach County Health Departments include the Delray Beach, Lantana, Greenacres, and West Palm Beach Health Departments. Shoes has provided shoes to the Los Pipits Clinic, allowing children and adults who cannot afford shoes in Rivas, Nicaragua to have shoes. Many of the children have never even owned a pair of shoes, something many people take for granted. Without shoes, these children cannot attend school and are exposed to many sharp and dangerous elements that they walk on, on a daily basis. They can get a cut, which can become an infection, and these children do not have the resources or the ability to receive proper medicine for their cuts to stop them from becoming infected. These infections can create worse problems, which may only be solved by amputation or surgery, which can prove difficult with the lack of medical technology available. The shoes that go to the Womens' Diabetic Center in Rivas, Nicaragua helps prevent infections and other problems from the lack of advanced medical care and rarity of medicine in the small clinics because of the cost. The women and children that have diabetes, if they do not have proper foot care, will develop dysfunctional bones, problems with growing plates, and even the inability to walk. 


Joseph Rubsamen with the Education Rocks team in Bali, Indonesia.